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Ball Lock Punch

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Punches, Die Buttons and retainer / Ball Lock Punches / with ejector

We etch all punches according to customers' specification.

Ball Lock punches for heavy duty have a bigger ball and can compensate higher stripping forces.

When to use Ball Lock:

  • High volume production
  • Moderate precision
  • For soft or mild Steel
  • Low or medium speed press operations

Material thickness:

  • 0,09cm to 0,95cm thick mild material up to 75 RB
  • 0,09cm to 0,32cm thick mild material up to 95 RB
  • Not recommended for materials above 95 RB

Ball Lock helps to reduce the down time of dies. The punch is locked into the retainer from beneath and fixed by the ball. When the punch needs to be changed, it can easily be pulled out without dismantling the whole punch-retainer-system.

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